PMR-446 License-Free Radios in the UAE

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has approved certain PMR 446 radios for license-free use in the UAE.

PMR446 two-way radio communications offers free and unlimited calls with no subscription charges or licence applications to complete, which makes them ideal for applications where one to one or group voice communication is required over distances of up to 6km.

While all other radios in the UAE require an end-user license based on the equipment serial number (with costs ranging between AED 500 – AED 1600 per radio per year), these low power PMR446 radios

License-free Saves You Time & Money

TRA approved PMR-446 radios do not require an end-user license. This means you can start using your radio immediately after purchase and there is no need for annual license fees.

Telelink Gulf’s has received type approval and class authorization for three models of Kenwood’s world famous ProTalk Range: the digital TK-3401D, the analogue TK-3501, and the pocket-sized PKT-23.

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Kenwood Releases the Multi-Protocol NX-3000 Series

One radio with multi-protocol support — Nexedge, DMR, and FM Analogue

If you are like most businesses, your two-way radio environment may be a mixture of digital and analogue FM. Or perhaps you are currently using analogue FM and contemplating which digital radio to adopt in the future. The NX-3000 Series offers future-proof flexibility with support for both NXDN and DMR digital air interfaces as well as FM analogue – all in a single radio.

Customise at Will

With the NX-3000 Series, a desired digital protocol can be selected at will, giving you the freedom to migrate to digital or expand your digital environment further at your own pace. Also, it offers unique capability to add or delete functions at will.

Capability to operate in digital protocol allows extending your channel capacity. The NX-3000 radios are designed to fit in different systems, from shopping mall or hospitality setting using conventional digital system in NXDN or DMR, to wider multi-site trunking systems using IP networking such as NXDN Type-C and Gen2 that extend across a campus or plant, even as wide as state/province or nationwide.

The Full Lineup

The NX-3000 Series portable radios are available in 3 configurations — Full keypad, Standard keypad, and Basic (without LCD or Keypad).

Mobile radios come in 4 configurations; A base model (NX-3720/NX-3820), base model with built-in GPS and Bluetooth modules (NX-3720G/ NX-3820G), high-powered model (NX-3720H/ NX-3820H), and high-powered model with GPS and Bluetooth modules (NX-3720HG/ NX-3820HG).

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Kenwood Amateur Radios are Available at EARS

Telelink Gulf’s has a longstanding partnership with the Emirates Amateur Radio Society (EARS).

From Desert Safaris to HAM Enthusiasts

Kenwood Communications is known across the globe for its amateur radios. Telelink Gulf’s has long partnered with EARS to stock Kenwood’s amateur radio range, as well as to ensure that all proper licensing requirements are met.

For more information on Kenwood’s amateur radio lineup, please contact Telelink Gulf’s or visit You can also contact EARS through their website,